Here’s a round-up of the latest travel industry trends to help inspire your content ahead of the holiday season.

  1. Green travel content will be of interest as sustainability and eco-friendly accommodation and holidays move quickly up the priority list, for younger travellers in particular. 73% of global travellers have said they’re intending to stay at least once in an eco-friendly or green accommodation when looking at the year ahead.
  2. Millennials love to travel and are actively seeking out new experiences, particularly to places their parents have never visited. Content focused on new destinations is likely have strong appeal among this cohort.
  3. Travel bookings tend to slowly drop from Monday and plateaus between Wednesday to Friday before dropping dramatically on Saturday. Bookings pick up again on Sunday and take off again on Monday. Will this affect your content scheduling?
  4. Google data found that hotels and flights are booked in advance of 12 weeks. Within the 3 months prior to the trip date, the search increases further for experiences. Think about how your content can work to this pattern.
  5. Travellers who book their activities ahead of their trip spend 47% more on lodging and 81% more on transportation than those who wait to book in-destination. This creates a content need since travellers are spending across multiple categories.
  6. While the traditional all-inclusive, annual family trip pervades, a new contender is emerging as family sabbaticals grow in popularity and take-up thanks in large part to online influencers. Consider how this type of aspirational lifestyle effect could help shape your content.
  7. For family travellers, 95% said their priority was keeping their families entertained and happy, while deals and value (89%), outdoor activities (85%) and planning travel around school holidays (85%) or near major attractions or theme parts (85%) were also of utmost importance. This variety of need should be met with variety of content.
  8. While family travel shifts, we’re also seeing movement with solo travel. It’s becoming increasingly socially-acceptable, with more options being pitched to this group.
  9. Business travel remains high, and it’s now being reported that those away on business are combining their time with leisure, so-called ‘bleisure’ travellers. Targeted content can help these travellers find out how to make the most of personal experiences while in a specific location with only limited time.
  10. Lastly, as with all content, always have your audience in mind! More people than ever are travelling and are interested in travel, each with different tastes, preferences and budgets. Pitch your content to suit!


As Editor of Taxoo, Gill is passionate about helping people and businesses make better financial decisions. She is a content specialist in the fields of tax, law and human resources.