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X (formerly Twitter) is a digital microblogging platform where users can share brief updates, including images and videos. Since its inception in 2006, X has grown to amass over 300 million monthly active users globally. It offers a space for individuals to disseminate thoughts, news, real-time updates, and humour within a 280-character limit.

The most adept X users go beyond merely broadcasting messages; they actively engage with the community by participating in conversations, sharing compelling content, and monitoring mentions about themselves.


The language of X


For businesses, X serves as a dynamic channel to connect with their industry audience, not just for promotional content but to foster discussions, collect valuable feedback on products or services, and provide efficient customer support.

Navigating X’s Unique Vernacular X’s community has developed a distinctive lexicon to maximise the utility of the 280-character tweet limit:

Mentions: Utilise the “@” symbol followed by a username (e.g., @taxoo) to mention other users in your tweets. This triggers a notification for them, though the conversation remains public.
Retweets (RT): A retweet is sharing someone else’s tweet with your followers, a practice beneficial for networking and relationship building.
Likes: If a tweet resonates with you or you wish to bookmark it for later reference, you can ‘like’ it using the heart icon beneath the tweet.
Hashtags: Prefacing a word or phrase with the “#” symbol creates a hashtag, a tool for categorising tweets and enhancing their discoverability. Hashtags are widely used for industry topics, events, news, and branding campaigns.

Diving into X might seem daunting initially, but consistent use and patience are crucial to mastering it. Regularly engaging will lead to a better understanding of optimising your X presence.


Cultivating a following


Cultivating a following on X centres around the connections you forge—whom you follow and who follows you. While it’s easy to become preoccupied with follower counts, the essence of a robust Twitter presence lies in establishing a network of relevant individuals and businesses.

Earning credibility within your domain is crucial to carve out a thriving community on X. Your reputation as a dependable information source grows through the content you share and your conversation participation, positioning your business as a subject matter authority.

Building an X community isn’t about disseminating one-sided promotional content. Instead, foster a genuine connection by posing questions to your followers, sharing personal insights, and engaging in authentic interactions.


Leveraging X for Customer Service


X has become a go-to platform for customers to voice their concerns or complaints about businesses.

Regularly monitor your Notifications to catch any mentions or retweets, and conduct daily searches of your business name to stay on top of what’s being said.

When you encounter feedback about your business, it’s imperative to respond promptly. Celebrate and share positive comments with your followers. For negative feedback, address the customer swiftly and suggest moving the conversation to a more private channel, such as email or phone, to resolve the issue. This approach helps manage the situation and demonstrates to other customers your commitment to addressing concerns seriously.


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