If you’re a small business, you’ll know it’s important to think carefully about where you focus your content marketing efforts.

With so many different online platforms, it would take a huge amount of resource to commit to them all. But not all platforms suit all businesses and all audiences.

Pinterest, for example, can offer considerable potential for companies specialising in lifestyle areas. It’s visual, it’s creative, it’s inspiring.

Businesses enjoying success on Pinterest are seeing increased traffic to their websites, along with improved brand engagement.

If you’re considering Pinterest as part of your content marketing, here are five pointers to think about.

1. Free consumer research

A Pinterest account can be an extremely valuable source of intel. You can gain insight into who follows you, which items they pin and who else they are following.

It’s a fantastic real-time research tool that can help you see what’s working well across the platform. Use this to inspire your own content.

2. It’s free and easy to use

Pinterest is free and incredibly intuitive to use.

It’s also a more relaxed environment with fewer ‘rules of play’ than some other social media platforms. The focus really is on the visual and creating beautiful things.

3. Complement your website

You can use a Pinterest account to complement the content on your business website.

Regularly update your account, and use tactics such as sneak-peeks and limited offers to build your following and entice traffic to your website for big-splash content pieces.

4. Create mood boards

Building mood boards can be a great way to keep your own ideas and inspiration in one easily-accessible place. It’s also convenient to add to whenever you find something new that inspires you!

5. A friendlier crowd

There tends to be a little more breathing space on Pinterest.

While you would expect a bigger and immediate response with other social platforms like Twitter, with Pinterest, it tends to be a smaller, friendlier crowd. It can be helpful to use that and gauge feedback before you move ahead and launch through other platforms.

As Editor of Taxoo, Gill is passionate about helping people and businesses make better financial decisions. She is a content specialist in the fields of tax, law and human resources.