Inheritance Tax – How to Protect Your Money

When an individual dies, any belongings that they leave behind, collectively known as their estate, become subject to inheritance tax. Their estate could include: money property vehicles personal possessions shares and investments An individual’s estate could also include money or other assets that they have gifted and upon which inheritance tax is chargeable under the […]

How to Determine your Estate Planning Needs

To make sure that your intended beneficiaries reap the maximum rewards from your estate, it is always recommended to fully investigate your future estate planning needs and aims to ultimately guard against any part of your estate benefiting other parties, such as HMRC. However, there is no single answer to handling your estate planning needs […]

How Does a Trust Protect Personal Assets – An Overview

When considering asset protection, there are many tools and paths open to you. One specific option is that of a trust. Trusts have historically been used for the purpose of asset protection, but have also been linked with tax planning and often tax avoidance. Nowadays, the likelihood of tax avoidance through the use of a […]


HMRC tax investigations into whether a person or business have met their tax obligations vary greatly depending on the details of the individual case, from relatively informal checks to a more in-depth investigation into your tax situation. It may be that an HMRC tax investigation is opened to confirm that the information supplied in a […]