What are Capital Allowances?

So what are capital allowances, and how exact do they affect UK businesses? When a business purchases certain qualifying assets, a capital allowance can be claimed against those assets, reducing taxable profits. Capital allowances are offered by the UK government to encourage business investment. However, to benefit fully from capital allowances and any other tax […]

The Benefits of an International Tax Review

For businesses who trade and operate in more than one country, the value of carrying out an international tax review cannot be denied, bringing together the complexities of: international tax legislation, including ongoing changes developments within your business and future planning commercial and political changes worldwide International tax legislation Any company who operates across international […]

Taxes for Expats: A Guide

Many British expats mistakenly believe that once they have left the UK to live overseas, they are no longer subject to UK tax, but the situation isn’t as clear cut or straightforward as that. An expat living abroad is still liable to pay taxes on any UK income they receive. Any obligation to pay UK […]

School Fees Savings Plan: Why Use a Trust?

Having a plan of action in place on how you will pay for your child’s private school fees is always a good idea, and one way to lessen the burden financially is to investigate tax efficient investment structures. Your starting point, as with any type of tax planning, should always be to decide exactly what […]

Non Dom Tax Status: What does it Mean?

So what exactly is a ‘non-dom’ and how is it connected to your tax status? A person’s domicile is an important factor when it comes to deciding on their tax status. The term ‘non-dom’ is used to describe a person who for tax purposes has a domicile outside the UK. The non-dom status generally brings […]