What are the Current Capital Allowance Rates?

Understanding the rules for capital allowance and how those rules apply to your business’s circumstances can be a complicated process with an ongoing need to stay up to date with changes in tax legislation, although taking professional advice can help to clarify your tax situation. One important element in this process is an awareness of […]

Is there Capital Gains Tax on Inherited Property?

The following guide looks at how capital gains tax on inherited property applies, including how to calculate gains made by the executors or personal representatives, or those who inherit property from the deceased. Capital gains tax for executors and personal representatives As a general rule, when someone dies there is no capital gains tax (CGT) […]

Maximising Capital Gains Tax Allowance on Property

If you are a professional landlord, property investor, sole trader or business partner, your liability to capital gains tax can be significant. It is therefore vital to consider any capital gains tax allowance on property, maximising all available relief so as to minimise any potential tax bill when you come to sell or dispose of […]

The School Fee Plan and Private Education Fees

The cost of school fees continues to soar and, sadly, rarely in line with any annual increase in salary. The average cost for private day schooling currently stands at around £14,000 per annum, a figure that can easily be doubled for boarding fees. It is therefore essential to plan ahead, considering the most tax efficient […]

Research and Development Tax Credit for SMEs

Research and development (R&D) tax credits can potentially offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a lucrative form of corporation tax relief. That said, many SMEs who have made capital investments in innovative projects that would qualify for R&D relief, are failing to take advantage of the available tax reductions or cash payments available. There may […]